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SLK Home Decor a decorative accessory e-commerce store founded by interior designer, Samantha Kennell

Selling beautiful and luxurious faux fur products that give you all the natural texture and beauty of real fur but making it ethical, accessible and far more durable.

Our story

"As a trained interior designer, I frequently spend time sourcing unique and design led pieces for my clients. Luxury is always high on my client’s agenda, as is the bespoke nature behind individual items.

Through my travels with work, it has become increasingly important to me to find small, independent and highly skilled suppliers who offer one off, unique pieces or who are able to create items through a bespoke service.  Creating and sourcing diverse items that are locally made and not massed produced, custom pieces that tell a story."

"With this in mind I wanted to create a store where people could source beautiful things and enjoy the hidden stories behind each unique items or become involved themselves in the bespoke nature of their own creation.  Focusing primarily on soft furnishings and decorative accessories; items that are not just beautiful but serve their intended purpose.

Home accessories can make the greatest impact on a space, through the introduction of colour, pattern and texture to create something cohesive to a room that is also completely personal to you. 

My hope is for people to realise that accessories make a house in to a home and therefore deserve as much attention and consideration as the larger, more utilitarian items.

After all, a perfectly placed accessory can alter the feel of a room and create a look and feel in a way that is unique to you. "

Luxury faux fur throws that add a designer's finish to your home.